Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mythology Groups Sp 2014

SACRED PLACES: "The Mountain of Lotus and the Fan"
Rose F.
Maya R.
Sean P.

CREATION MYTHS: "The Creation of Ulligara and Zalgarra"
Shani C.
Manny R.
Clauzette S.
Harjot K.

MALE DIVINE: "Thor's Duel with Hrungnir"
Lauren B.
Brittany F.
Courtney C.
Roman B.

FEMALE DIVINE: "White Buffalo Calf Woman"
Osiel R.
Megan C.
Kelsey K.
Kristen G.

TRICKSTER: "The Raven Steals the Light"
Jose C.
Jordan P.
Nef A.
Melissa B.

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